23. I agree and communicate sense of purpose so people understand the "why"

This page is to give some further insight into our view of SERVICEBRANDs and how the three areas of customer experience, employee engagement and brand DNA relate to each other. In addition, there are some photographs I have taken to offer a distraction (if needed!) and my own personal 31Practices on a daily basis. It would be great to receive any thoughts and comments.

Summertime and the service is easy…

Recently, I took a courtesy bus from the railway station to a client office and during the journey, the driver whistled “Summertime”.  This happens to be one of my favourite tunes and he whistled very well so it was a really enjoyable experience.  When the bus stopped, I said “thankyou” and he wished me a good day in a genuinely warm way.  I also noticed that he was immaculately groomed and very smartly dressed.

Customer experience – tick, employee engagement – tick, brand DNA – tick.  The SERVICEBRAND concept being delivered but not a white paper, research document or book in sight.  It is the behaviour of the driver that made such a positive impression.  The question is, was this a one-off because of the goodwill of an individual or a more conscious approach by the organisation to deliver an excellent experience consistently?

And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high

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