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This page is to give some further insight into our view of SERVICEBRANDs and how the three areas of customer experience, employee engagement and brand DNA relate to each other. In addition, there are some photographs I have taken to offer a distraction (if needed!) and my own personal 31Practices on a daily basis. It would be great to receive any thoughts and comments.

Learn from the Baa- Baas, or remain a Sheep

Although corporate offices and hotels are both built environments providing a very similar range of services to customers, there are some fundamental differences in the way in which the provision of this service is organised.

This article published in Facilities Manager 2011/12  outlines the opportunities in team leadership and customer experience that can take FM to the next level of development and uses the analogy of the Barbarians (Baa Baas) rugby team to support the suggested approach.

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