20. I turn creative thinking into practical reality

This page is to give some further insight into our view of SERVICEBRANDs and how the three areas of customer experience, employee engagement and brand DNA relate to each other. In addition, there are some photographs I have taken to offer a distraction (if needed!) and my own personal 31Practices on a daily basis. It would be great to receive any thoughts and comments.

The Values Economy

We are living in extraordinary times – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous.  The pace of change will never be this slow again. In the service sector, many traditional approaches are no longer relevant and there is a new business agenda emerging. The landscape of Brand Identity, Employee Engagement and Customer Experience is changing… all at the same […]

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Make a date with your Values

Whilst visiting New York to spend time with a client for their annual 31Practices review, I took the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle for a Sunday morning service. Not everybody who attended was religious but the attendance of about 3000 reminded me of the power of bringing together people with a similar mindset and […]

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Enter to Win The 31 Practices book!

In October, to celebrate the two year anniversary since the publication of ‘THE 31 PRACTICES – release the power of your organization’s VALUES every day’, there is a competition to win a copy of the book. All you have to do is to consider this: If your organization was a musical artist or group of […]

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The alchemy of relationships, curiosity and serendipity…

There is a lot written about the way to be successful and achieve – the importance of goal setting and targets, planning, monitoring progress and measuring performance. But is there another less well understood route to achievement and success through constantly striving to excel, investing in relationships, being curious and encouraging this in others?…because when […]

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Brands Interdependence – Brooks leading the race

Over the Easter holidays I was reminded of the interdependence of brands (products and SERVICEBRANDs): Last October I bought a pair of Brooks running shoes from the shop at my local David Lloyd Leisure Centre. Unfortunately they developed holes in the mesh toe covering. As I only run on Saturdays and Sundays, my expectation was […]

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Top of the Charts (well, number 39!)

This article “Building a Culture: You Need to Harness the Value of Core Values” was in the top 50 most popular articles on TLNT.com in the whole of 2014. In summary, there is an explanation of what values are and why they are important, increasingly so in our super-connected world. The article goes on to […]

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